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"Learning Through Song"

Music & Singing, PSHE, Creative Learning, 

Culture & Community Workshops


"A magical journey to stardom!"

Unique, Inspiring and Creative

  • Musical and Creative learning resource, How to be a star is a flexible creative learning experience designed to enrich curriculum objectives.  
  • The How to be a Star - Story Song Series and Workshops offer a variety of topics that enrich learning and curriculum objectives. 
  • PSHE - various topics are taught through the mediums of original story songs, storytelling, singing, music, performance and creative art activities or projects, a magical creative learning experience for everyone. 

  • A multi-sensory approach providing the perfect creative learning platform.

  • All our Workshops fun and educational at the same time, they are inclusive and have been proven to be very suitable for children with SEN. 

  • Through the mediums of storytelling, singing, music, movement and performance each child will experience a myriad of creative activities and lots of opportunities for child led projects.  Every child can explore, engage and be inspired.

  • The How to be a Star series of Story Songs and Workshops are best experienced as a series, a journey to stardom! however, they can also be experienced as a stand alone topic to compliment existing learning and flexible to suit all your needs.

  • Story Songs & Workshops
  • Singing and Movement
  • Singing & Choir Workshops
  • Music, Performance & Theory
  • Art Workshops
  • Environmental Workshops
  • Culture & Community Workshops

Bespoke Music Programmes for own your projects available upon request

On-line Teaching

Group Sessions

1-to-1 Sessions

Lunchtime or After School Clubs Available

Please Ask for Details

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